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11th September
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These days I’m hiding out at home at my parents house. I look like I have been beaten up with a swollen face, a broken nose and blue/black/red/yellow circles around my eyes, but this is all done on purpose and with my consent. Two days ago I underwent surgery on my nose to try to straighten it out after it broke in three places last January. This is my third surgery this year but in the last two they were not able to put all of the breaks back into place, so they had to do this last surgery after I had healed.

For months I have been waiting by the phone for them to call with a time for my surgery and last Monday they did. At first they offered me a time slot during my favorite IT-conference JAOO and I reluctantly took it, because I had to get this done before we leave the country November 1. Then they called me again Tuesday asking if I could do it this Thursday and even though I had to cancel a few things I jumped at the chance. This way I get to heal before JAOO and I can make a surgery followup appointment just before we leave the country. The timing couldn’t have been better.

So now I just have to get through the next few weeks with bruises and painkillers…

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