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7th June
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Lego is the greatest toy company ever and I’m not just saying that because my husband works for them. He and I have both played with Legos as children and kept playing until now… Even though there is officially no children in our household we both would qualify as children when it comes to Lego. Our passion for bricks is not ours alone; We know a lot of people who love Lego bricks.

The computer science department at Aarhus University (my old hangout) has a Lego Lab and many fun og cool projects has come out of that lab the last 15-20 years – some more serious than others. A fairly recent project is especially close to my heart because it was done by a group of my friends. It is… wait for it… a Lego Turing machine!

To promote it they made this short video:

Geeky and beautiful!


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