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11th November
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As so many other turists visiting Hanoi we also booked a cruise in Ha Long Bay. Beautiful and tranquil Ha Long Bay. After a few days in Hanoi you really long for a relaxing and most importantly quiet oasis and that is exactly what Ha Long Bay is.

Ha Long Bay - rock formation

Amazing rock formations can be seen all over Ha Long Bay

There is not much to tell about the cruise as we really just relaxed a lot and ate some really fresh seafood. We saw a stalactite cave and some friendly monkeys and that was it.

To sum it up here are some pictures. It was a bit misty (even foggy at times) so the pictures are not as colorful as they could be.

Ha Long Bay - view

A view from above

Ha Long Bay - view from ship

A view from below

Ha Long Bay - cave

From inside a cave

Ha Long Bay - monkeys

Monkeys - notice the really young one clinging to its mother

Ha Long Bay - sunset

Sailing along while the sun was setting

Ha Long Bay - boat

Our boat

Ha Long Bay - dinner table

Ready for the superb food

Ha Long Bay - Bed

Our bed at the boat

Ha Long Bay - bathroom

Our small but private bathroom

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